Welcome to Trinbagonian culture through Fashion & Design

Once upon a time, art & fashion met light & love

in the southernmost island of the Caribbean...birthing Sanianitos

Here, we express our artistic musings through fashionable & festive elements, fueled by a cultural history of creative innovation and expressive island vibes


    SS22 celebrates the Summer Solstice with new silhouettes formed in reverence of she who symbolises transformation and abundance

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  • R E N E W A L

    “Where was I really? Was I a wholistic participant in myself truly? Was I really giving anything my all? And what was I so afraid of, when it came to claiming my ‘ness’...”

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  • Small batch

    A pre-collection selection of appetising acrylic jewellery, built from (sample) testing components, giving life to what would otherwise be lifeless.

    A free-range set of stylistic features can be found here.

    see small batch selections 
  • H A R V E S T

    Once again we take a spin around a luxurious romance, presenting a capsuled collaboration of exclusively designed earrings, for Shoma the label's SS22 collection.

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from bags with lustre and personality to accessories that accompany you through life's experiences, each piece has a reason, a season and its day in the sun

Just like you do

Small Batch

Small Batch

Small Batch is a micro-capsule of mid-production pieces, composed in-between collections to give...