01 🤍 Introduction & Spring Cleaning!

01 🤍 Introduction & Spring Cleaning!


My name is Sanian Lewis and I am the founder and Style Director at Sanianitos.  Myself, alongside a tiny team of 3 (Brand Manager/Chairman, Executive Assistant and on-the-go teammate) do our best to refine and define this budding Caribbean-based micro mid-tier fashion brand. 

What you see on our website is the result of contemplation, communication and (most importantly) family development. Whether it be in those who have been with us from 'top', those who dipped their toes in our waters and stayed, or literal family members...it's the assistance, encouragement and support that keeps us...keeps me, keeping on🤍

With spaces like this blog section, we can permit all the 'vibesy' interactions that guide the brand overall, to peek through.  Hopefully it manages to reassure you, the visitor, that there is real appreciation powered by gratitude 'in d back here'✨

With all that good loveliness shared, guess what?! We're having a sale! A spring cleaning season, if you will!  We've got a reduction of price happening on our Celestials' Ears, Signature Acrylics & Sunglasses!

It's kind of exciting✨

We hope you continue to enjoy what you see and purchase!  Remember you can message us directly with our live chat option! We will respond within the day (within two via email if not)!

Thanx for passing 'tru' and as always,

With Light and Love


' - defines moments in text, where what can be considered 'slang' is used.



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