04 🤍 R E N E W A L

04 🤍 R E N E W A L

𝐉𝐮𝐩𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐝𝐚𝐲 - 𝟐𝟏.𝟎𝟕.𝟐𝟐 - 𝟐𝟐:𝟐𝟗𝐩𝐦

Where do I begin?…

Again.  It’s time to begin again.

So much has happened since last I’ve written a blog post.  Ups and downs.  Great highs and great lows.  I was a part of Jewelbox 2021, a coveted showcase at Y art gallery.  I lived through a dream with that one.  The new year began, which ushered in the launch of Shoma’s new collection, featuring another capsule of 3 pairs of earrings from us.  That was truly awesome, because it was the first ‘new designs’ that I had done, post-demic.  

Then began the building of my SS22 collection.  I decided that this brand would best suit a focus on the solstice markers for collection launches.  I enjoyed the concept of going deeper into the aesthetics of the brand.  I think it was the right time.  I felt as though Sanianitos always set a tone for innovation.  

We very much thrive in doing things that move us, though some may say ‘own way’ haha. Secure in how we honour our selves, our culture and our craft, I thought this concept equal parts fun and necessary, when looking at the future of the brand and it’s perspective.  

Now, my acrylics production journey is quite unique, to say the least!  But for a quick contextual point, I was the first of my ‘kind’.  That means a LOT of testing and measuring.  When you see the elegance of ease by which the pieces speak, you won’t hear the months of configuration/sampling/correcting etc., that takes place prior to the final product.  I work with Fab Lab Trinbago, a faction of Fab Foundations, which essentially is a small-scale workshop of digital fabrication.  For the Trinbagonian team, this was a new experience for them as much as myself.  But through the past 4 years, we have finally reached an elevated starting point in our process.  

My new collection (SOPDET) is a testament to that development.  In between this collection’s progress, I had the opportunity to speak on a panel discussing fashion and carnival, as well as lead a workshop with Fab Lab, under my new mantle of sponsor/brand ambassador. The energy coming towards the end of May was promising and I was in a position to have my launch fall within the solstice season.  I was determined to focus forward and see it through, despite varied delays, personal or technical.

And then it was June 2022.

By the 2nd week in June, a colleague (and old friend),  my grandmother and one of my best friends had transitioned.  By the next weekend, another beautiful human being, that I had the honour of knowing, had also transitioned.  Every deadline and the launch of my collection was wiped off the table in an instant. Though shocking, my colleague was fighting a known battle, that had taken a turn.  My grandmother, much like the boss she is, woke up, went about her routine and went to lie down, ready for her ascendance.  She shifted my perspective of how one can choose to leave this realm…BUT YUH SEE DEM LAST TWO?!

Catalysts they were.  

Throughout that month I found myself at the lowest point.  What I mean by that is that all the shadowy corners of my being were brought to light, as there I was in the midst of them.  And with that light, I found myself asking more questions than having answers…Where was I really? Was I a wholistic participant in myself truly? Was I really giving anything my all? And what was I so afraid of, when it came to claiming my ‘ness’.  I realised that I had truly been dancing around the shallow end of all that I am.  Though so open, was I really being completely open?  Was I truly freely expressing my self? Or was I burying my talents this entire time?…

How long had I been playing so small?…

to be cont’d…



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