02 🤍 Accompaniments presents: Ogbè Creative & Sanianitos

02 🤍 Accompaniments presents: Ogbè Creative & Sanianitos


Sanian here with another message from us to you. Hope you enjoy the update!

~ The beauty of of accompaniment continues to manifest in our celestial collaboration with Ogbè Creative

We’ve collaborated with this brand before; coming together to provide cowrie element(al)s in our presentation of the Guardians of The White Cloth for carnival 2020⚡️

Led by Keon Chow Cop, a creative force behind some of your favourite presentations, be it through the creation itself or a part of production.  Through Ogbè Creative he provides soul nurturing items (from his Pixiu collection to his miniature costumes) that remind you to revel in life with intent most honourable and dance to the beat of Caribbean Culture's sweet drums✨~

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