03 🤍 The Yin & Yang Collection at 6 Carlos

03 🤍 The Yin & Yang Collection at 6 Carlos

Grab a seat, have a cup of tea and settle in, this one is a deep dive...

In October 2020 many a great realisations and shifts occurred...some could be termed 'good' and others 'bad', but each a necessary thought process that made way for nothing else but hope to shine through. 

The buzzing of shopping activities came about, a spark that reaffirmed hope...but something new was felt.  A different form of appreciation for the craft, for patrons and for those who trusts us...trust artisans enough to invite us to share space...to be bringers of hope in what is for some, the darkest of times.

With these realisations I could not move beyond black and white and in that moment I decided not to, for though we are harbingers of the vibrance of colour, it is within the absorption and reflection of all colours that one finds a space of calm presence, stillness and understanding....a space of balance...and a space that always welcomes this kind of reflection of tones is Meiling's Atelier, located in bustling Woodbrook, Trinidad & Tobago.

At 6 Carlos conceptualism is celebrated and it serves as a safe space for subtle expressions that make quite the impact.

The Yin & Yang capsule manifested from the overall energetic understandings of this ancient symbol of duality:  An idea that challenging forces may in fact be complementary and even moreso, how that force gives rise to the other and vice versa...

In this time, the thing we’ve all been forced to do is look deeper....To look at the current energy as a necessary force to bring us into a greater space of enlightenment.

 We hope this collection imbues you with the strength to go with the flow and embrace the natural force of balance in your own lives, balance that is sometimes revealed best through challenging circumstances. 

As always, 

Light and Love♡

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